Created to promote the movie “Meet the Spartans”, 20th century Fox’s latest social media marketing effort walked a well-trodden path. Following the lead of Elf Yourself and My Talking Stain, Fox created the website Carmenhasacrushonyou.com and allows you to paste your face and other personal details into a video. What is particularly powerful about this marketing effort is the final version of the video is uploaded to what looks like a blog and can be used to confuse friends and lend legitimacy to any jokes you’d like to play on said friends using the video. It is very entertaining to the correct demographic.Carmen Electra has a crush on you Score

The Scores:

  1. Value to Consumer: 79
  2. Engagement: 62
  3. Creativity: 60
  4. Ease of Use: 100
  5. Viralness: 65
  6. Forwards: 3

Category Drill-Down:

Value to Consumer: The site has quite a bit of entertainment value. More than your average “hey guys, look at my face on this elf!”, I was able to send my girlfriend a link to the fake blog that is created with your video attached under the heading “Carmen Bares All”. While we weren’t endlessly entertained, we did have a good time with it. Likely we aren’t the target demographic anyway as the movie seemed to be targeting a younger crowd.
Value to Consumer Score: 79

Engagement: Assuming the ultimate goal of this effort is to get people to see Meet The Spartans rather than build any amount of company brand, engagement might be less important than usual as a facet of the social media effort. That said, there was disappointingly little engagement with the consumer designed into the site. Once you’ve set up the video, you have to invent ways to use it. It would have been more engaging had the site been more plugged in to the social networks and offered itself to be sent to friends to help people spread the joke (and therefore the marketing message). Having no additional engagement beyond the initial effort makes this effort little more than a toy or trick when it could have been much more.
Engagement Score: 62

Creativity: While the idea is amusing, and the idea was executed well, Carmen Has a Crush on You lacks originality. Building other aspects of the same promotion and intertwining them, integrating this effort with other social media efforts or providing unique ways to get friends involved could have been avenues to showcase creativity. Without Carmen Electra being involved, this would be a carbon copy of Elf Yourself and it lacks the mutli-faceted aspect that make My Talking Stain shine.
Creativity Score: 60

Carmen Electra’s Face

Ease of Use: This site couldn’t be easier to use. If you are able to upload a file, type your name and hit crtl and C at the same time, this site is in your skill set. I wish I could say more, but I can’t, it’s that simple.
Ease of Use Score: 100

Viralness: The finished site doesn’t include any (functional) buttons to post your video to social media sites. Furthermore, it doesn’t even suggest that you promote your video anywhere (thereby encouraging the viral spread). The only positive on the viral side is that the site is so simple to use that forwarding the url of your specific page to friends is as easy as sending an email. A lot more could have been done to improve and encourage this spread and leverage each video created via Carmenhasacrushonyou.com as a proactive marketing tool.
Viralness Score: 65


From the composite score (73.8) we can determine that Carmen Has a Crush on You is effective in targeting the audience and providing entertainment value but fails to fully capitalize on its success. While some areas could definitely be improved slightly, no one area carried the marketing effort. The combination of usability, viralness and the utilization of multiple consumer engagement points allows this social media marketing campaign to promote the brand very well.


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Written by Brennan White