We here at Pandemic Labs are big fans of The Nerdist. Using the Watchtower Analytics platform, we took a hard look at their Facebook Page. View the infographic here, and read below to see what we found.

The Nerdist posts a lot of links. Many of those are Facebook posts announcing the release of a new episode of The Nerdist Podcast. That’s cool, guys. But consider posting a single photo (Of the guest? Of the scene while recording?) and linking to the new episode from the image’s caption. Your EdgeRank will improve, and your clickthroughs will follow suit.

Weekend posts from The Nerdist Facebook Page result in proportionally higher interaction numbers than posts on other days of the week. Don’t spam people with too much weekend content, but time your weekend posts so that you’re hitting folks at the right times. Finding those times depends on where in the world your Fans are. People the world over use Facebook at generally the same times. Those are: “before work”, “around lunch” and “after dinner / kids are put to bed”.

NerdistLogoOn the whole, posts from The Nerdist Facebook Page do best when published between 12 and 3 am Eastern. This is across all days. Different hours might work particularly well on Saturday, versus on Tuesday. Watchtower renders that data, but in the infographic below, we’ve used the weekly average. Some experimentation with times based on the geolocation of the Facebook Page’s fans will quickly reveal what the best times on each day are. That, or you could use Watchtower, which renders a two-week posting schedule, complete with recommended times of day and types of posts. Watchtower bases that on your, your competitors’, and the industry’s optimum posting times, and pulls from a database of over 12 billion interactions we’ve tracked.

Our final take? The force could be stronger with The Nerdist Facebook Page. With a few simple tweaks to their posting strategy, they’ll be Jedis yet.

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Written by Ed Gazarian
Ed is the Managing Partner of Pandemic Labs, where he occasionally does some work in-between deep discussions of both Shakespeare and Star Wars.