Last Friday I had the privilege of presenting at The Ad Club’s inaugural “Under the Dome” event. And we all know there’s nothing people would rather do at 9am on Friday than talk about the behavioral patterns and neuroscience behind Pandemic Labs’ strategy for Facebook Engagement. Especially when it means they have to throw their whole playbook out the window!

The presentation was a component of our ongoing Science of Social series. (We put out a great infographic a couple weeks ago, in case you missed it). Some people think we’re exaggerating the “science” part of our new series, but as anyone who attended on Friday will tell you, there’s more science here than you can shake a stick at.

04-DSC_8782 copy

To review, Pandemic Labs recently completed a massive study of Facebook Pages where we measured 380 Pages (across numerous industries), 208,000 Posts, and over 255 million Interactions.

At the “Under the Dome” event we covered some great findings from this data, but we also talked about the neurobiology behind attention and cognitive ease that smart marketers can use to create incredibly engaging Facebook Pages.

I can’t really recap an hour-long presentation here, but I will share some interesting statistics that you can use to help increase your Page’s engagement right now.

Global Truths about Facebook Engagement
  • Photos are 5x more engaging than links
  • But brands post links 2.7x more than photos
  • Photos get the most comments per post of any content type
  • Videos get the most shares per post of any content type
  • Posts on Sunday get 32% more interactions than the weekday average
  • Videos posted on Saturday get twice the interactions of videos posted on Thursday

Remember, global stats are helpful but they don’t replace getting your own data about your Page.

Stay tuned for more knowledge from The Science of Social.

Written by Matt Peters
Matt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pandemic Labs, and enjoys thinking about, writing about, and talking about social media marketing whenever someone will let him.