Here at Pandemic Labs, 2019 travel trends are extremely important. In an age where trends set and change rapidly in almost every industry, the hospitality industry is worth taking a look at. Travelers are continually evolving, and their priorities are shifting fast. If you are in the business for travel or just curious about new trends, here is a tip: customers are seeking more than activities to busy themselves and just a room to sleep in.

Two consumer groups that will heavily influence the hospitality industry by 2020 are Millennials and Gen Z. Now, let’s take a deep dive into what these groups expect from their travel adventures:

  1. Experience – Turns out these groups will pay extra for services that will buy them local experiences at the destination. Another curious trend emerging is “Dark Tourism,” which is something as dark as it sounds. These groups like visiting places with unfortunate histories, such as the towns near Fukushima or Tuol Sleng in Cambodia.
  2. Conscious Travel – They’re about eco-friendly travels and maximizing their positive impact on the environment! So, if you are a business that still serves iced coffee with plastic straws, you might want to reconsider that decision.
  3. Wellness – Spas, massages, therapeutic anything! The trend is to take care of one’s self, especially on vacation.Not only do they want to pamper themselves, they’re interested in learning techniques and ways to further integrate wellness into their daily lives back at home. Experiences that pull through teaching wellness will be a big hit with these groups.
  4. B-leisure – Remember the times your parents went on a business trip and came back without even sightseeing? Those times are over. Nowadays, people like to mix up business and leisure – B-leisure! Business comes first, then travel.B-leisure is something Pandemic Labs employees participate in. Have a property site visit to Atlanta Buckhead that finishes on a Friday? Stay over the weekend to explore the area and take in the sights!
  5. Instagrammability – If you think we’re joking, you are wrong! People are literally planning and picking their next vacation with Instagramable locations and experiences in mind. They would instead go to an authentic spot which they can proudly Instagram over a perfect-but-cliché one.Think about how many pictures you’ve seen on Instagram of friends at the Ice Cream Museum or posing in front of the Angel Wings in LA? Case in point.

All of this is can be seen as extra hard work for businesses to make sure they stay relevant and trendy, OR as we like to think of it, as an opportunity to tap into creativity and push the limits. We’re all about setting and breaking new trends on Instagram, so if you’re looking to break the mold – reach out!

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