“What should we watch?”

The rallying cry should ring familiar. Netflix, Hulu and their ilk use sophisticated algorithms to provide tailor-made recommendations based on your viewing habits, and those of your friends.

And Chill takes this to the next, logical inflection: a chat bot you interact with in natural language. The bot analyzes words and phrases to deliver personalized movie recommendations, complemented by a YouTube trailer for the flick it’s suggested. Coolness factor aside – because chatting with an A.I. as if it were a human is nothing if not cool – And Chill is just one more bot heralding the renaissance of chat.

Chat was one of the first things we could do online. ICQ, AIM, et al. These were among the first applications many of today’s Internet denizens used to communicate and share ideas. The advent of more mature A.I. means that interacting with a piece of technology (e.g. Siri) as part of your daily life is increasingly common. And Chill, and bots & apps like it, represent not just the resurgence of chat as a primary method of online communication – in a world where increasingly-immersive modes are continuously thought up – but the natural evolution of predictive algorithms that can deliver recommendations for everything from what to watch and listen to, to what to eat, what to wear, and where to travel.

The trick now, as with any new technology that provides on-demand access to data at scale, is knowing how to tune in, and when to tune out.

Written by Ed Gazarian
Ed is the Managing Partner of Pandemic Labs, where he occasionally does some work in-between deep discussions of both Shakespeare and Star Wars.