Pinterest is now shop-able, creating yet another place for retail therapy and one click shopping.

For those of you that spend hours on the site, you know who you are, you’re now able to purchase your favorite items without ever leaving Pinterest.

Pinterest recently introduced new tools that allow brands to upload catalogs and the users to purchase what is available for sale on directly on the website. The goal is to match users with products they might be interested in buying as they surf through Pinterest. Ads will be placed according to the users taste, making it easier for them find items. There will be another tool allowing users to search for specific products they are thinking of purchasing, and with one click, they will be able to see many items that fit their search, and pay for them right there on the site!

These new features have opened the door to the world of e-commerce for Pinterest, who is taking the necessary steps to make the shopping experience as easy and customized to individuals as possible – and we know that social users, especially Millennials and Gen Z, are expecting custom experiences.

There are three new functions which will provide shopping inspiration for users.

  1. The first focuses on generating other items from the searched brand that the user might like.
  2. The second will be called “more ideas” and will suggest similar items not necessarily from the same brand but anything that is available on the website.
  3. Last, but not least, users will be able to find stock information regarding unique items using the search tool.

Pinterest joins the ranks of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, who are also introducing ways for their users to buy from the platforms.

Online shopping just got better and let’s face it a lot easier! For those of us that have countless boards filled with cute outfits to dream kitchens, let’s get shopping.

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