Let’s take a second to debunk the myths of our youngest generation – Generation Z. AKA: “Millennials on Steroids,” “technology-dependent,” “iGeneration,” and so forth.

If you were born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s, you are full-blood Generation Z; you most likely grew up swiping through an iPhone, following your afternoon nap. When it comes to Gen Z stereotypes, date and behavior have categorized this riveting generation, but clichés certainly have not.

So, we have to ask ourselves, while growing up in the midst of a technology overhaul, what do their nine-to-five desk jobs look like? I guess the better question is, what happened to nine-to-five desk jobs? Our youngest generation has cultivated a lifestyle that allows them to wakeup to the rhythm of waves, just outside their Caribbean bungalow – a lifestyle where hobbies have morphed into a full-time job, at no cost.

They have built an empire of digital trade. Yes, digital trade. Our very own Digital Natives have mastered the global trade system; creating a pandemic of social networking that no industry wants to miss out on. How have we curated a social-first society? With a 1080px by 1080px on Instagram.

Social media influencer marketing “is the practice of building relationships with the people who can build relationships for you.” An influencer has the potential to reach an audience that brands may not – creating a web of niche networking that is almost impossible to match. Beyond what brands may know, it is who they know – and more importantly, who knows them – that will drive their industry to the top.

We rely on our own peers for recommendations and referrals. We trust the authentic judgment, given to us by experiences we know we can count on. Studies show,“90% of consumers trust peer recommendations.” Forbes says it best, “Trust and authenticity are critical for engagement in any influencer campaign. Without trust, the content that you’re hoping will build engagement won’t feel genuine and won’t resonate with your desired audience.” At the end of the day, humans will seek a genuine relationship, even if it is a virtual bond.

Influencer social media marketing is one of the most important pieces to the social media marketing puzzle, and a fast-setting trend at that. So, next time you’re eating ice cream, or even lunch, snap a pic – you could be their next partner.

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Written by Brooke