TikTok, a short-form mobile video publishing app popular amongst younger generations, is seeing a rise in users as stay-at-home orders sweep the nation. The app saw an uptick in downloads between March 16 and 22, with an 18 percent increase. During this week the app was downloaded a whopping two million times. With more people joining the app to pass time, will they become a loyal user or is this app only being used in the interim?

As people stay home and consume content on the app, increasing its popularity, it leads to question, should more brands be on this app to gain exposure? Scrolling through the app right now you will see popular restaurant chains like Chipotle in addition to media publications like The Washington Post. As of February luxury brands like Tory Burch, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada had joined the app as well. This leads to the question of should all brands add Tik Tok to their social platform roster.

Let’s explore types of advertising available on the platform. One being brand takeovers, which is an ad that appears as soon as you click into the app. Another type of ad is one that appears on the “For You Page.” The other type of advertisement is the hashtag challenge, which encourages users to share user-generated content with the brand’s hashtag. Another option is the ability to advertise through a branded lens available for users as they edit their videos.

With different types of ad formats on the platform, it leads to the additional question of, is this an effective driver of paid social? First, one has to look at who is on the app. Looking at the statistics from the app roughly 60 percent of the platform’s users is between the ages of 16 and 24.  If your brand’s target market is between these age it may be wise to run advertisements.

We personally think Tik Tok would be a great platform to reach Generation Z and some Millennial consumers, but at this time doesn’t suit brands with consumers older than 35.  We look forward to seeing what happens to Tik Tok as more users join and the platform evolves with success.

Written by Kayla Favaloro