Today, Facebook announced the arrival of Trip Consideration targeting.

Facebook’s [already available] Dynamic ads for travel allow us to reach potential travelers – users who are likely to take a trip. Meaning, if a user was perusing hotels/flights but didn’t book a trip, Dynamic ads for travel let us target these users with relevant ads based on their specific dates, destinations or other trip details.

So with the addition of Trip Consideration targeting, our capabilities ah go a bit further – now we have the ability to target users who have expressed intent to travel, but have yet to choose a location. We can now intersect these users earlier in their trip planning process and delivering them the right message with the right creative. This drives users with the intent to travel into your purchase funnel.

Trip Consideration targeting can be layered in with existing targeting options and is available across Facebook, Instagram and the Facebook Audience Network.

We know (on average) 43 days pass between the users decision to travel and the decision on where to go. Research also shows that users are spending more time travel-planning on their mobile devices, while also demanding personalization. “From inspiration to booking, mobile has become more important.”

So what does this really mean? “Mom” is interested in booking a family trip for Christmas break and browses travel-related pages, but hasn’t decided on a specific destination. At this point, we can push ads to “mom” promoting hotel or flight packages.

If you’re looking to drive users into your travel funnel with Trip Consideration or Dynamic Travel ads, reach out.

Written by Dana