In a recent post we discussed “Experiences,” a 2019 Travel Trend, but now we’d like to dig a bit deeper.

One of the most significant shifts in travel trends come with travelers getting sick of common and easy-to-arrange vacations that they probably repeat every year by taking the same week off of work and heading to the same hotel where they have been loyal to for the past couple of years. Instead, Millennials and Gen Z, who make up a big chunk of the modern travelers, seek experiences that are less heard of and more unique than a trip to a typical beach resort.

One of the biggest moves in seeking a unique experience is choosing a destination that is rather less-traveled, such as small and remote islands somewhere in the world. According to Pinterest, there has been an increase in searches for these rare locations by 179%. Some of the travel agencies are responding to this trend promptly by offering “off-the-beaten-track itineraries” such as a culture and academics based trip to Cuba, or a customized trip to the African diaspora.

On the other hand, our adventurous travelers are expanding their vacations towards the developing European and Middle Eastern countries such as Azerbaijan and Armenia, seeking to soak in the rich culture and history of these unique destinations.

All these considered, it seems like the modern travelers have had enough of hit vacation spots where they are just one tourist among millions. Instead, they want to feel special and experience something that not everybody around them has experienced before. We get it though; nobody wants to be boring anymore.

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