Attention all content creators! Where are you putting your video content?

Got something to say in 15 seconds or less? Throw that up on Instagram Stories where 400 million daily users are looking to consume content quickly.

Need a little longer? You better keep it to 1 minute on Facebook where its 2 billion monthly users want to watch something snappy that they can like or share before scrolling down to the next piece of content.

Any longer than that, you need YouTube where 1.8 billion monthly users like to spend time watching videos that are longer and more in-depth.

But hang on a second! ✋ Cue Instagram with their 1 billion monthly users to step in and launch a YouTube-like competitor – IGTV.

IGTV is Instagram’s “newest app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators.” Instagram intends for IGTV to be a place where users can get even closer to the people and things they love through mobile-optimized content up to one hour. IGTV is built to be consumed how you already use your phone – full-screen and vertical.

Better yet, users don’t need to download a whole new app in order to enjoy IGTV. New content is served inside the Instagram app – it’s basically an app inside an app. However, we recommend that content creators download the IGTV app because in the long run, it’ll probably offer more features and greater control over your videos.

Once you’re in the app, it’s an immersive experience that makes it easy to comment, share with friends, like, switch to a new video and browse.

IGTV is the perfect opportunity for continue brand storytelling – either through a branded channel or sponsored influencer content. Think tutorials, tours, interviews and more!

While there are no ads at this time, you can definitely expect to see ads popping up. Now is the perfect time to cultivate your audience and post content while everything is still organic.

Looking to get your brand started on IGTV? Hit up Pandemic Labs!

Written by Tess Pascua