In case you have been looking for the little magnifying glass on your Twitter’s Explore tab and you were wondering who let it loose, the answer is Twitter. What’s the reason? It was confusing for many people to see the magnifying glass both on the Explore and the Search tabs. To make it easier to distinguish between those two tools, Twitter decided to replace the magnifying glass on the Explore tab with a hashtag! What’s more Twitter than a hashtag, #amIright?

Now, that’s not all the news. They also developed an improved way of checking out user’s profiles or following them without having to leave your timeline, but only on iOS. All you have to do is tap the Twitter handle and boom! A profile pops up on the bottom of your screen and allows you to take a sneak peek at the user’s account and to follow them if that’s the move you are going for – it’s okay if you’re just stalking. Once you are done, just swipe down on the little window, and you are back on your timeline!

Additionally, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, Twitter has created a very cute animation to go with your affectionate – or not – Valentine’s Day tweets.

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