On Wednesday (July 11, 2018,) Twitter announced that they’re finally going to deal with the locked accounts that have plagued follower counts for years.

If you’re not exactly sure what we mean by a locked account, it’s a handle that Twitter has flagged for sudden and drastic changes in behavior. Twitter, supposedly reaches out to the owners of the locked accounts to request validation and a password reset – which if that’s not followed through, the account remains locked.

With this announcement, a few things will happen. First, locked accounts will begin to be purged, which will cause a drop in follower counts. The majority of Twitter users (and let’s face it, how many people actually use Twitter anymore?) will only experience a loss of four followers or fewer, whereas the so-called “power users” with larger follower counts will experience a more significant drop.

The majority of the purging will take place this week, however Twitter states that “accounts will continue to change more regularly as part of their overall work to proactively identify and challenge problematic accounts.”

What does this mean for your brand? Overall, this purge is a positive move, as it will allow brands to get more accurate numbers for their engagement rates. Ultimately, that’s what matters – maintaining an engaging audience.

Written by Dana Leever