Pandemic Labs’ wildly successful video, “Webcam Break Up,” reached the 3 million view mark on November 17, 2007 and screenshotit is still racking up over ten thousand views a day. Using Pandemic Labs’ staggered seeding mechanics and using an array of social media peripherals “Webcam Break Up” reached the 3 million view mark in well under two months.

Pandemic Labs has been using our proprietary tracking service, PandemicMetrics, to track the spread and success of the video since its release. At this time, the video can be found on over 50 video websites and links to it can be found throughout the blogosphere.

Although we are now focusing on other projects, we will continue to track the success of “Webcam Break Up” and use the data gathered by PandemicMetrics to refine our seeding mechanics and help us provide even better services to our clients.

Written by Matt Peters
Matt is the Co-Founder and CEO of Pandemic Labs, and enjoys thinking about, writing about, and talking about social media marketing whenever someone will let him.